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About Blue Pearl Academy

We Teach The Way THEY Learn!

As teachers in the public and college school systems for over three decades, we have collectively taught thousands of students. We have seen, firsthand, that some students do not always fit in well with traditional schooling systems, and, unfortunately, find it difficult to complete the journey to receive that all-important diploma with a solid and worldly education. Blue Pearl Academy for Grades 6 - 12 and Adult Education/GED is a powerful secular online home education academy, virtual school, and live online school that can help many to achieve their educational goals. One of the best aspects of our program is the personalized attention one receives. It's like having your own personal education coach encouraging, cajoling and inspiring you to greater heights!

Blue Pearl Academy was founded by a small group of devoted, passionate, and very dedicated teachers in 2009 to help students of all walks of life and different cultures obtain their educational goals. We are the administration; meaning that teachers run BPA. At the time, we did Adult Education for the GED and Grades 9-12 only and we were called "Aslan High School". We found that many students in middle school were also in need of our very unique services and our compassion, so with the addition of Grades 6-8, we changed our name to reflect our many programs. The color Blue is often associated with excellence, distinction and high performance , and "Pearl" symbolizes great knowledge and wisdom that our students achieve. Blue Pearl has now grown throughout the United States through our one on one, private instruction via Live Online Learning with Skype. Blue Pearl Academy is the only private group of volunteer educators that give one on one instruction LIVE, online via Skype.

As teachers and tutors, we offer one to one, individualized teaching sessions live online via Skype based on a thorough assessment of students' needs and abilities through differentiated instruction with different styles of learning and assessing. We then accelerate and advance them forward with current textbooks and curriculum and add interesting electives and information. We work at students own pace so they learn, not just memorize information. Our service is most unique since is is LIVE online via Skype with total one on one instruction. Each student has the one and same teacher for all their subjects which creates and strengthens a solid repertuar between the two. It also helps with better learning outcomes.

The curriculum for the Home Middle & High School and Adult Education/GED comes from McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill Higher Education, the leader in the educational curriculum industry. These textbooks, lesson plans, and curriculum are adopted from the federal government board of education standards as a foundation, mixed with our higher and more adult, work, college world material as well. All teachers and tutors lesson plans, teaching strategies, student report cards, middle school transcripts, high school transcripts, and progress are under the supervision and guidance of the Chief Educator and State Certified Teacher. The same holds true for our Adult Education programs. We also use learning technology such as viewing online videos, have students create videos on YouTube, watch and create powerpoint presentations, online journalism, make and give speeches recorded on Sound Cloud, Science Fair and Social Studies Fair projects, and many other online, virtual activities besides just using the prescribed textbooks.

Educators are part of an organized group of private, volunteer, independent teachers and are guided by the chief educator that meet Blue Pearl's strict qualifications. We all work together in our group in order to give the best one on one, personalized instruction to each of our students. Each teacher posses at a minimum a bachelor's degree with an education concentration and have at least 5 years working in education. Educators meet weekly to discuss student's progress to be sure students are on a solid path to achieving their diploma and acquire an academic and workforce college preparation education that is beyond state requirements for a higher quality education for an adult education - whether it be for work force/career, or college. Essentially, we are a home school teacher service.

We won "Best High School" in Jacksonville, Florida in 2015 and we are members of the National Society of High School Scholars as of 2010. A few of our teachers have been awarded "Educators of Distinction" by the National Society of High School Scholars. We continue to strive for superior excellence in education, teaching, curriculum updates for our students, and service for our parents or guardians.

Contact our virtual school for a free Skype consultation on our home school teacher service with personal instruction today. You may also ask for details and information, as well as raise questions. We are happy to help and serve everyone with their education goal and needs! Click a link below to learn more:

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