Adult Education GED Program

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Adult Education for High School Program | GED Home Education Sessions

As teachers in the public and college school systems for over two decades, We have taught thousands of students. We have seen, firsthand, that some students do not always fit in well with traditional schooling systems, and, unfortunately, find it difficult to complete the journey to receive that all-important diploma. Blue Pearl Academy is a wonderful program that can help many to achieve their educational goals. One of the best aspects of this program is the personalized attention one receives. It's like having your own personal education coach encouraging, cajoling and inspiring you to greater heights! We teach the entire curriculum with private, one on one instruction. In this way, there is less time wasted, and more focus towards your studies since you are the only student.

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We try to work around your schedule and time unlike GED classes and traditional High Schools. We do private, one on one instruction live, online via Skype. We can prepare you for the GED examination usually within 5 to 9 months, step by step. Instead of trying to study on your own, learn by yourself, or take classes at an institution which do not fit your working and family schedule.

Once enrolled, the first step is an entire GED pre-test (not timed) to identify your strengths and weakness. The second step is instruction, lessons, chapter tests, & discussions in the classical GED exam subjects which include: Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing (including Essay), Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. Students attend four days per week for a total of eight hours live online via Skype. Each subject is taught in 2 hour increments every week. The first day of every week is two hours which includes Language Arts Reading and Writing. The second day is two hours which includes Social Studies. The third day is two hours of Science and the fourth day is two hours of Math. The days and hours might be able to be arranged to help fit your busy daily and work schedule too.

The third step is for a full length, timed post test before you register to take the actual GED exam at a facility such as a high school or local college. Only licensed educational facilities are allowed to give the GED Exam. Please note the we are not responsible if you fail any portion of the exam however. We will always go at your own pace - slowly or quickly as long as you're learning the material and feel confident. If you take your actual GED exam and failed just one or a few subjects, you don't have to retake the entire GED exam. You can come back to us and enroll again just go over the subject(s) you missed on the exam.

GED Text Books

The curriculum used by Blue Pearl is from McGraw Hill Common Core Achieve GED Series. It is the MOST up to date lessons and curriculum for the new GED Examination. Each student will need a set of 4 textbooks and a set of 4 exercise books. We do the textbook work together and the exercise books are for homework. These special text books supersede their counterparts in bookstores with more practice, more exercises, most up to date material, chapter tests, worksheets, and go at a slower pace.

One set of 8 text books is $205.00. This is the GED school rate. Blue Pearl does not make ANY profit from GED text books.These text books may only be purchased through and in conjunction with having GED instruction with Blue Pearl. Textbooks and exercise books are non-refundable.


We only ask for a suggested gift for the actual face time a student has with a teacher which is $12.50 per hour at 8 hours per week ($400 flat rate per month) and is kindly appreciated for the teacher. This also includes grading of papers and lesson planning. Some students finish the program within 5 months, others take just a little over 10 months. The pace of the student with the teacher determines the
amount of time.

Technology Requirements

Desktop or Laptop Computer (no cell phones or iPads)

Hi-Speed Internet

Headphones with Microphone or Earbuds with Microphone

Firefox or Google Chrome recent editions


Microsoft Office or WPS with Word and PowerPoint

Free Yahoo or Gmail Email Account

A Quiet Place to Work with No DIstractions

Free Skype Account via a Microsoft Account (Download "Classic Skype for Desktop" and not the Skype App)

Here are the five biggest differences between our organization and schools:

1. We meet you live online via Skype, and work around your schedule as much as possible. You have the same teacher for each of the subjects.

2. One on one instruction with no distractions, more motivation, customized courses for each individual student, more manipulative besides just tests, text books and lectures.

3. We use the newest educational material from McGraw-Hill, even newer than most GED schools 

4. The ability to get students done with Adult Education Instruction a bit faster with more education, learning, knowledge and better grades!

5. We use idealism and realism educational theories and humanist, constructivist and self discovery learning theories. 

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We have a very strong passion for teaching. Our experience and enthusiasm for bringing knowledge to a student is unsurpassed. For more information, to schedule a free consultation, ask questions or to see our credentials and qualifications, please respond by clicking the

Contact US link. Also please see the References and Testimonials link from previous students.

Please Contact Us to get more information and schedule a free consultation via Skype appointment with our Chief Educator.

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