Home School Academy Program: Grades 6-12

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Private, one on one, individualized instruction live online via Skype by highly qualified educators in all 50 States.

Are you worried about the state of today's schools?

Do you want your student to have a strong education that will prepare him or her for college and a successful future?

Do you think having an enthusiastic and patient teacher is an important requirement for the school your student attends?

Well take matters into your own hands with experienced help from Blue Pearl Academy with totally one on one instruction.

If you've answered yes to any of these questions above, then Blue Pearl Academy is a great idea for your middle or high school student. Through the dedication of our teachers and the enthusiasm of parents like you, we've been able to create a middle and high school that is considered one of the best in the US and Puerto Rico by teaching one on one classes with each student. Using hands-on learning strategies we make it possible for your student to overcome learning obstacles, grow and succeed.

As teachers in the public and college school systems for over three decades, we have taught a wide spectrum of students. We have seen, firsthand, that some students do not always fit in well with traditional schooling systems, and, unfortunately, find it difficult to complete the journey to receive that all-important solid, and worldly education for an accredited diploma. Blue Pearl Academy is a wonderful program that can help many to achieve their educational goals. One of the best aspects of this program is the personalized attention each student receives. It's like having your own personal education coach encouraging, cajoling and inspiring you to greater heights!

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home education

How our Home Middle & High

School Works:

We are a private group of independent, highly qualified home school teachers and tutors. Essentially you could say that we're a home school teacher service. We teach Middle and High School Subjects grades 6 through 12. We have been teaching private high and middle school students for 10 years and they have all become successful high school graduates and many have continued on to college. We teach 6th, and 7th grades together, and 8th grade separately, each lasting about one year at a time. We then teach 9th and 10th grades together and are able to combine 11th and 12th grades as well. However, we go at the student's pace so that the education and knowledge is absorbed so completion times for may vary.

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We teach school under each State's Home Education law using our own curriculum, textbooks, and resources from McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill Higher Ed. which meet the Federal standards as a foundation, along with our own, higher standards of differentiated instruction. Any student in any middle or high school grade can begin with BPA as long as we receive a copy of their latest transcript. Any student can start at any time!

Home education is and supervised by the State Department of Education which supersedes any school district. Legally the parents are the teachers for their student. However, we know what to teach and how to teach so we are your hired "tutors". We are also able to re-teach past middle and/or high school grade levels for better grades in certain subjects and areas as needed.

In actuality, the school districts only need a notification of intent to start homeschooling, the yearly transcript, and portfolio reviews. Homeschooling falls under the State statutes, and not the school district. Students are also eligible for the Bright Futures scholarship and are still eligible to attend any school function or play any sport in the school system. Students may also participate in athletics at designated schools in their district per state law. Taking the state assessment test is not mandatory for home school students in most states. Home education transcripts and a portfolio, which we provide, are all that is needed to attend colleges and universities (along with a student's GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements). We actually do issue a high school diploma for graduating students. Please check with the college or university a student plans to attend for their home school education requirements.

The SEVEN biggest differences between working with us to instruct a student and a public or private school is that:

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1. We teach by using the Constructivist, and Humanist education philosophies, which incorporates Idealism and Realism orientations.

2. We work with the student live on Skype and work around their schedule as much as possible. We have year around school, so most high school students finish within 2 to 3 calendar years depending upon their pace.

3.One on one real instruction with no distractions, more motivation, customized courses and instruction/assessment for each individual student, more video technology and techniques combined with tests and lecture.

4.  We use the newest educational material, even newer than most schools including Virtual Schools. We also accommodate students who may have learning, mental, emotional, or physical disabilities.

5. The ability to help students finish middle and high school a bit faster (depending upon their pace) with more learning, education, knowledge, and better grades. We do go at the student's pace. Students can quickly retake previous middle and high school classes for a higher grade. This provides for a completely new transcript.

6. Several interesting freshman level college and workforce electives to choose from which gives students an advantage for entering college with the knowledge of writing APA papers, and doing proper research techniques. We also handle all the home school paperwork, grades, transcripts, and curriculum for you! Students also receive the state mandated Fine Arts, Life Skills, and Financial Management courses.

7. Every student has the same teacher every day, for every class. This allows for a great relationship between the student and the teacher to become solid and well established for ultimate learning.

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Students typically have an 11 hour week. Most students attend four days per week, Monday-Thursday. Each subject has a dedicated, concentrated and focused time of 1.5 hours every week instead of classes. Most students attend for three hours per day with two hours on Thursday.

The first day of the week is Language Arts and Social Studies. The second day is English and Science. The third day is Math and an elective, and the fourth day is for a second and third elective (Middle school students have Vocabulary and Spelling courses instead of electives).

By doing this sort of schedule, students are mimicking college class times a little bit. This also allows for better learning outcomes, comprehension and retention of knowledge since more time is spent on a subject. Light homework in academics is given and more challenging homework, such as APA research papers, PowerPoint presentations, use of Sound Cloud, YouTube, Electronic Portfolios, study and reflection questions, are given for the college and career based elective courses. We also allow for students to be as creative as they wish for well rounded technology.

Our school is year around with 1 week for spring break, 3 weeks for summer break, 1 week for fall break and 2 weeks for winter break. This is a bit like college. Since students are typically in class only four days per week there is ample rest time. There are also special four day weekends because of BPA and federal holidays. 

Curriculum and Text Books

For Middle School: The curriculum comes from Pearson for the core subjects such as Writing, Spelling, Reading, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Physical Education. The academic core subject curriculum costs $430 for each grade level 6th-7th grade combination and $470 for 8th grade. We do not make any profit from any of the academic or elective textbooks. The price you pay is the discounted teacher rate that we get from both Pearson and McGraw-Hill and includes shipping.

For High School: The curriculum we use for the core subjects is from McGraw-Hill. The academic curriculum is $345.00 for the entire program, covering grades 9-12. The price you pay is the discounted teacher rate that we get from both Pearson and McGraw-Hill and includes shipping.

These academic subjects include Basic Mathematics, Consumer Math, Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Microeconomics, Social Studies, American Government, Economics, US History, World History, World Cultures, Science, Plant and Animal Biology, Human Biology, Health, Scientific Thinking, Chemistry, Physics, Natural Science, Space Science, Earth Science, Language Arts Grammar, English I-IV Reading, Literature, APA Research Paper Writing, Essay Writing, and much more.

These are the foundation of the learning and teaching we do at Blue Pearl Academy along with other materials. We do not use all of the "common core" ideals as laid out by the Department of Education - we only use what higher institutions are looking for. The need for elective courses differs depending upon the type of course. Students will need to choose 5 electives (2 are mandatory) which are the needed materials/textbooks at an additional cost per elective. Most electives are college based or career based at a freshman level. These come from McGraw-Hill Higher Education and Pearson at different prices, and the price you pay is the discounted teacher rate that we get from both Pearson and McGraw-Hill. Two of the required elective textbooks is for the Financial Mgmt/Career and Life Skills classes.

Other curriculum mandatory electives such as Fine Arts and Physical Education are also taught by use through doing projects, along with the partnership of the parents with no extra charges or textbooks. Life Skills and Career/Financial Mgmt mandatory electives do have textbook fees. Twenty-four (some states require 28) credits are needed for graduation. Click here to receive info about each of our available elective courses and price of the textbooks. The price you pay is the discounted teacher rate that we get from both Pearson and McGraw-Hill. High school students will also do one Virtual Science Fair Project and one Virtual Social Studies Fair Project during their time with us. These electives and virtual fair projects are a lot of fun!

For both Middle and High School, all of the books belong to the student and the student is able to write in the books directly. We also incorporate technology projects for high school students such as book reports, videos, movie making, movies, college APA research papers (for 12th grade), tests, quizzes, Lumosity brain training, YouTube, Sound Cloud, discussion postings, making creative online posters and power points, online science fair projects, online social studies fair projects, and online homework into the overall curriculum to make it as well rounded as possible. We also differentiate the types of assessments to meet a student's abilities and needs.

Grades and Graduation

At the end of every calendar quarter (13 weeks) we complete an official report card for every subject for every grade level. After every two quarters, we do semester grades. At the end of a middle school students 6th-7th and/or 8th grade year, we do a state certified teacher portfolio evaluation and a transcript. Quarters and semesters are based upon when each individual student enrolls, so each student has their own quarters and semesters.

For high school students, at the end of their time, students have finals for all subjects and take a high school graduation test. Then the state certified teacher will review the portfolio, lesson plans, students homework, and grades, and will then complete an official home school transcript. This also includes a home school diploma. All the homework, reports, tests, and projects done by a student is kept in a digital portfolio for the certified teacher evaluation, and all the grades and the portfolios are maintained by us and you until the end of the year per a state's home education law.

Graduating students receive their portfolio which includes: 1 hard copy of official transcripts and YES, a high school home diploma from us. Higher education institutions such as universities and state colleges do not need the diploma, they need the detailed transcripts with the student's grades and all of the curriculum, resources, and textbooks used which are created and signed by the student's educator, the certified teacher, and chief educator.

High School students receive ACT and/or SAT tutoring during their class time towards the end of their senior year with us if requested. There are no additional costs or textbooks needed.


For our specialized one on one, private, differentiated instruction live online via Skype we only ask for a suggested gift for the actual face time that we have with each student which is $13.64 per hour at 11 hours per week ($600 flat rate per month) and is kindly appreciated for the teacher. This includes, but is not limited to: Coaching, instruction, mentoring, lessons, and guidance by a teacher live online via Skype 11 hours per week, access to the student portals, lesson planning, grading of all assignments, progress reports, student portfolio maintenance, other documentation, and email communication between the teacher, parent, and student, and much more.

We are a very unique group of educators offering this type of crucial instruction in a total program via live online Skype; and because of the one on one instruction, students that are in high school for about only two to three years with year round schooling.

Technology Requirements

Desktop or Laptop Computer (no cell phones or iPads)

Hi-Speed Internet

Comfortable Headphones with Microphone or Earbuds with Microphone

Firefox or Google Chrome recent editions


Microsoft Office or free WPS with Word and PowerPoint

Free Skype Account via a Microsoft Account (Download "Classic Skype for Desktop" and not the Skype App)

Quiet Place to Work with No Distractions

Parents: Free Venmo App Account via Cellphone

We have a very strong passion for teaching. Our experience and enthusiasm for bringing knowledge to the student is unsurpassed. For more information, to schedule a free consultation, ask questions or to see our credentials and qualifications, please respond by clicking the Contact uS link. Also please see the References, Community and Testimonials link from previous students.

We look forward to helping you and serving your needs. We discriminate against no one, not gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, age, past, culture, political views or anything else you can think of! We have the enthusiasm, materials, education, passion and true desire to serve and educate. One to one instruction with a student is the absolute best teaching mode and many parents are switching to home education. We look forward to offering our skills, talent, passion and services to you and your student.

Please Contact Us to get more information and to make a free Skype Consultation appointment with our Cheif Educator

Please also see our References and Testimonials link to read past students experiences. 

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