Satisfying Our Students' Needs for Quality Education

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References & Testimonials

This page contains actual and unedited references and testimonials from true current and past students as well as parents.


"I like BPA is because of their flexibility. My teacher always asks me if there is any problems or anything we have to change, which shows how much they really care. 

Generally I like this academy because they want to see you succeed, and push you to succeed with kindness. Classes are three hours per day, but you learn a lot in those three hours. I liked that all homework assignments were due online and my teacher gave me multiple ways of doing my homework so that I can stay creative. Blue Pearl Academy is a good school for anyone who wants to expand their learning at a early age."

Jorge Torres

High School Graduate with Honors and National Society of High School Scholars Member


“I was at a loss with my son. I tried homeschooling him and it just was not working. He was ready to drop out. I heard about Blue Pearl Academy through a friend and reached out to Dr. Kafferly. From the first meeting, I knew I was doing the right thing!

He brought my failing student to a near perfect grade point average, instilled a love in learning that I thought I'd never see in him. He graduated high school early and with honors!

I plan to use Blue Pearl Academy when my youngest son turns high school age. I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you so much to Dr. Kafferly and the faculty.”

Timber Leaves



“From our end, the journey Nick took with Blue Pearl Academy and his teacher was a great success. We had no small amount of trepidation when we initially started. Would Nick work over Skype? Would he be able to relate to his teacher? Would he stick it out, or would oppositional defiance kick in after a week or two? We are pleased to say that the outcome was even better than the best-case outcome we had hoped for. Nick self-managed his time, showed up for his lessons, never had to be reminded or bullied, and generally behaved towards his schooling like a responsible young man. He handled Skype well and built a good rapport with his teacher. And most importantly, he learned!

So from our end, a big thank you for all you did for our son. Working with BPA was a decision we'll always be able to look back

on as a good one.”

Anthony and Sarah King



“I hadn't been in high school in about six years due to unfortunate circumstances that happened in my life and never received my diploma. I heard about GED program and decided to give it a shot. I studied the free resources they had on their website for a week and took notes. On this first day of my exams, I passed the Reading and Social Studies with ease. On the second day, I passed the Science and Writing exams, but made below a 70% on the math exam. My teacher was very compassionate and told me to study that same night some more using the free study tools online. The next day I retook the exam and passed with a 90%. I was very proud to receive my high school transcripts and diploma. I enrolled into a State college the very next day. I am very happy with Blue Pearl's program and thank them with all of my heart!

Japser Winn

Adult Education/GED Graduate


“Blue Pearl Academy was a Godsend when my daughter was too ill to continue with conventional high school due to anxiety, health, and autism. Dr. Kafferly taught her from our home online on Skype and she still talks about what a great and diverse experience it was. She had no trouble being accepted into the University of North Florida with her credits from him. I would recommend him and his institution to everyone.”

Lisa Marks



“It has been a year since I have been doing homeschooling, I’ve been in and out of home school curriculums and programs; I have had many mind changes, because there just wasn’t a program that I liked or there was a moment where I was thinking to myself and thought that homeschooling isn’t for me. But that all changed when I tried Blue Pearl Academy, and it is a program where students are allowed to go on their own pace. The reason is because there isn’t just a group of 20 kids in a class where they learn at the teachers pace, in this program you learn at your personal pace, it’s just you and a single teacher, for 3 hours a day and 4 days a week, no one else besides you. I have been a part of this program for about 8 months, and I love it.

I have been a part of Blue Pearl Academy for 8 months, and in those 8 months I have learned a lot more than I could ever learn in a year of regular school, there’s less homework but it may seem hard at first, but it took a while to get used to, and it may seem that it’s too hard, but it sure will pay off in future, because the difficulty can help enhance your skills, and prepare you for college. My experience with the academy has been nothing but great because all the subjects are easy to understand and have more of a challenge as you progress through the chapters. If a friend of mine or a relative were I definitely recommend Blue Pearl Academy.

Aside from my experience with Blue Pearl's program, I’d like to talk about my educator. My Educator, Dr. Kai Kafferly and he has been my educator since I started this program, and if I were given the chance to change educators, I would just deny the opportunity, Dr. Kafferly, is everything any student would ask for in a teacher, because he understands the type of pressure, difficulty, and frustration that students have to go through in public schooling. He only moves at the students pace, he gets to know his students and learns the way and the speed we learn, and when a student says that it is too much homework he makes some changes and keeps with those changes for a month or two, or until the student is ready to get a challenge. I happen to know all of the educators at Blue Pearl Academy work the same way, though.

Each of the 4 days a week of school we have different subjects for each day. On Monday we have Social Studies, and Reading, on Tuesday its Science and writing, on Wednesday its Math, and an Elective hat I personally chose which is Criminal Justice, and on Thursday its another elective that I chose which is Natural Disasters. For electives, we get to choose, what which elective we want to learn about, to me something like an extracurricular activity. My favorite elective is criminal justice, because as growing up I watched a lot of CSI, and Law and Order, and I feel that I have grown a huge interest in the topic of criminal justice so I feel that I am learning more and important information about something I grew up watching.

Before I started Blue Pearl Academy I was struggling in school, I was struggling to keep my grades up, I was struggling to complete work on time, and I still struggle on completing it on time, and I also struggle with the fear that I may never graduate. Blue Pearl has reversed most of what I struggled with; my grades are better than ever, I still even struggle to turn in work in time but I am improving on completing work and turning it in on time , and my fear of never graduating high school has ended because of how well I have improved, and how I have changed as a student, I even sometimes feel that I can go back to regular school and still keep up with the changes I have gone through with my academics.”

-Suraj Patel

High School Graduate and National Society of High School Scholars Member


“To all the future students and their families, it is my pleasure to offer these words of encouragement!

This school has given my son, Chris, the opportunity to “dream about his future”. Throughout many years of frustration and struggles with public schools, we found Blue Pearl Academy. Finally, this was the answer we had been searching for Chris’s education. For the first time everything fit; the program, the instructor, and the student. Little did we know that this opportunity was about to change the course of my life. The school system met Chris at his then current level of knowledge…and has since risen above and beyond his wildest expectation. Don’t misunderstand me, this program is not easy. It requires strict, time management and being organized. Unlike other schools, Blue Pearl's educators care about the students. The educators provide an environment of integrity and give the student back the confidence they need to succeed.

Blue Pearl Academy is about empowering the student and preparing them for the many challenges ahead.”

Anna Z. Dye



“While at first it may seem a bit strange logging onto Skype each day to attend class, once you get used to that, there are only good things ahead. Blue Pearl Academy is the first of its’ kind, allowing for homeschooling at a new level, with a one on one teaching strategy it provides the deepest in understanding based around your own day. Even though it is a set time, it is only three hours a day, four days a week so if you are busy, Blue Pearl can still work for you.

The main difference in Blue Pearl Academy are discussion postings, these are Facebook posts each week that call for the interaction between you and the other students. These postings vary in topic depending on of year and what is new in the news. Blue Pearl's teachers do a fantastic job of controlling the Facebook discussion while still leaving enough open to the students. The way that they do this is through set topics each week. These topics are such as news articles, and even TEDx talks.

Moving on to the academics of Blue Pearl, the school provides the highest in educational value for middle and high school students. The academy's one on one teaching method combines the simplest and most efficient of standard schools while putting their own twist on things. For instance, the electives of the academy are extremely in depth, varying from world religion to sociology, and psychology to driver education Blue Pearl covers them all. Even if they do not have a full elective you wish to take, they can weave it into the current elective. With electives, you are to write APA papers every other week, allowing for the preparing of college. These papers will serve as a guide if you choose to attend or write anything whatsoever.

The final thing that I wish to talk about is the Blue Pearl Academy faculty. The Blue Pearl faculty is among the brightest and most innovative minds in the entire state. Prof. Gammon is the most intellectually advanced teacher that I personally have ever had, as well as the most innovative. Some examples of this include the use of YouTube and Sound Cloud for assignments. More magic happens behind ho with the monitoring of their Facebook page. The teachers that run the Facebook page have to be up to date on the most recent in technology, and world news. They also have to be extremely well versed in the teaching structure of Blue Pearl to allow for the integration of the two parts of Blue Pearl.

In conclusion, Blue Pearl is the most innovative school I have personally ever attended. I have been to around 5 to 6 different schools in my life and I prefer Blue Pearl to every single one of them. The way that the teachers interact with the students and the way that Prof. Gammon teaches is the future of learning. I honestly do not see any way that this school will not change learning forever as it continues to grow. Innovation differentiated one on one instruction and compassion is Blue Pearl Academy!”

Luke Labenski

High School Graduate with Honors and National Society of High School Scholars Member


“During my years in the public I felt like I was stuck in a stale atmosphere, filled with uninteresting classroom peers and teachers. I believe for an individual to reach the stars and become successful in any profession he or she wishes to partake in, one must be properly educated. While I want to say that the public school system and most homeschooling programs offer the educational quality that everyone deserves, I simply cannot because it isn't true. Throughout all of middle school and two years of my high school education, I was trapped in a negative learning atmosphere—commonly known as the public school system. With unmotivated classmates, teachers, and what was keeping my head above water? Nothing, I was being drowned by the public school system.

Since before I can remember, I have always wanted to grow up and do different things. Being an astronaut, a police officer, a doctor, and a lawyer all seemed interesting on different days of the week. This rapidly changed when I started experiencing The academy's real-world electives. I made the smart choice of picking a Criminal Justice class due to the fact that it intrigues me, and I quickly realized what I want to do when I grow up. Blue Pearl Academy helped me find the career course that I want to pursue all because of the electives that it provides. I’m not sure that I can say that the public school system did that for me.

I have had a couple of great teachers over the lengthy period of time that I spent in the public school system. I had a couple of amazing math teachers, a good science teacher, and a good social studies teacher, but most of my teachers were pretty irksome. When I began studying at Blue Pearl, I realized that I was not only assigned a mentor and a guide, a coach. His name was Mr. Price! Even the best of my teachers in the public school system weren’t too keen about having to stay after school to enlighten me. I believe that the middleman between the educational content and the individual learning it is the teacher, and I also believe that a proficient educator will make all the difference in how the individual will perceive and receive the information.

The first assignment that I received at academy was a seven page, APA style essay, which at the time, completely blew my mind. “How am I going to write Will I die in the process? How can I go on and on about one subject?” These were all thoughts running through my confused and scared little brain. Little did I know that seven months later I would be writing college level APA papers and even citing them with a little help from Microsoft Word. Blue Pearl has prepared me for many aspects of college such as paper writing, self-study routines, and lengthy homework assignments. Blue Pearl hasn’t only physically prepared me to further my education, it has also mentally prepared me by reinforcing the fact that education is an important aspect of today’s

Blue Pearl Academy not only provided me with a superior educational service, but it also provided me with answers to questions such as, “What do I want to be when I grow up? Am I good enough to be successful? Do I want to go to college?” It might sound a little odd that an educational program can do all this for an individual, but this isn’t just any educational program. With intriguing electives, involved educators, and a dedicated mission statement, Blue Pearl Academy is an educational force to be reckoned with and Mr. Price is the culmination of that superior force!”

Christian Dye

High School Graduate with Honors and National Society of High School Scholars Member


“Blue Pearl Academy has been a great blessing in my life. Through the academy, I have had the opportunity to advance my knowledge to levels I once thought impossible. I had no desire to learn before I was introduced to Dr. Kafferly, my instructor. The one on one interaction makes for a great learning experience, and at many points I've found myself enjoying the content due to this. It is my humble opinion that Blue Pearl is one of the best, if not the best, source of High School education available.

Previously to Blue Pearl Academy, I had partaken in homeschooling for many years with my mother. It was dull, boring, and repetitive work. At I would refuse to continue in my studies because the time spent in my books was time spent in agony. After homeschooling had failed, my mother enrolled me into virtual school and I found this even more dreadful. I always made good grades; I just never experienced something that had given me to learn.

Everything changed when Dr. Kafferly came into my life. At first I was reluctant, thinking that this was just another boring experience I was going to be forced to endure. However my opinion soon changed, and I found beginning to enjoy my work and my studies. After a few months of enrollment at Blue Pearl, I found Mr. Kafferly to be more of a mentor than my teacher. Though I hardly express it, I cannot even begin to describe the thanks I have for him. I loved my World Religion, and Driver Education electives. I felt as though I was in college with these higher and insights!

Throughout my education with Blue Pearl my family has had many ups and downs, but no matter what had occurred Dr. Kafferly was able to work with us. The personal level of the academy is astounding. It’s rare to see a school where the teachers actually care in this day and age, and without a doubt Blue Pearl is one of those rarities. When there is friendship between student and teacher there is far more willingness to learn and that is why I am blessed.

In conclusion, I feel like I wouldn't have had the will to gain my high school education without Blue pearl and Dr. Kafferly. With Blue Pearl Academy, I have learned more than I ever imagined. Whether it be to use the words “In conclusion” in my final paragraph, to finally remember , or master APA papers and algebra, all of this knowledge is more than valuable to me and the thanks I have immeasurable. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is the fact that there is always more to learn, and I will take that lesson with me wherever life decides to take me with an open mind and open heart.”

Michael Turner

High School Graduate with Honors and National Society of High School Scholars Member


“My teacher at Blue Pearl Academy is Ms. Godwin. She has a special hidden talent that makes her eligible to be my principle as well. She has put his mind to the test and risen to the top. She inspires me to continue with school and set goals for myself. She has taught me that life isn’t handed to you so everyone has to do whatever it takes to get where you want to go. No matter how hard you work, or how hard you struggle it all pays off in the end. Speaking of inspiration, Ms. Godwin has been my main inspiration in many ways. I have made the choice to exclude myself from the high school environment. Had I made the wrong choice? Maybe, but with that choice, it led to down a new path, a path of success. My grades have improved and I am back in the right direction.

Ms. Godwin instructs me with one on one interaction. The focus level of my learning has tremendously improved in our designated environment. She has taught me comprehension in a respectable in order to understand and be able to cooperate with. My pace and will power to stay on task is not a struggle for me anymore. I get my work completed on time and am learning from my mistakes. This is a pat on the back for a job well done.

My favorite subjects with Ms. Godwin are Criminal Justice and Mathematics. I chose Criminal Justice because it has the knowledge of hands on interaction with yourself as well as controlling others. You can acquire personal observation and legal background of the law that you didn’t already know. Math is my second favorite subject because it makes you think. It’s a learning cycle developing on top of a studied topic. Both of my choices are a learning process that you can never now too much about.

What I am learning with Ms. Godwin is real life information. My knowledge is based non-fictional facts or statements. My academics are moving at a reasonable speed and have the same learned topic to keep you on track. Each lesson has a meaningful amount acquired for me to comprehend. My electives are a different experience every time I move forward into the reading. It is all new experiences that I have not been aware of in life.

My enthusiasm and passion for learning because of Ms. Godwin is unbelievable. I thank her for all the time and effort she has put in to teach me. You have made me believe that it is never too late to keep trying. Her dedication towards me makes me build trust in him that is not typical with regular high school teachers. I am thrilled to move forward into my senior year and onto graduation with Ms. Godwin and hope she will be by my side along the way. Not everyone has a teacher like mine!”

Morgan Klein

High School Graduate


“I was in public high school until the beginning of my junior year. I have some medical issues, plus ADHD as well as hypoglycemia. Because of these problems, the school nor the school board were able to accommodate me. I figured I would just have to drop out and get my GED. My parents contacted Mr. Price at Blue Pearl Academy and he explained that we could do home education, which is home schooling. My parents had no idea how to go about me or the requirements or even how to teach. This is where Mr. Price came in. He explained that by taking my academic subjects plus electives that I would get a high school transcript, without taking the FCAT, and that all the universities except home education transcripts when the portfolio is evaluated by a certified teacher.

Mr. Price and Blue Pearl Academy teach ALL the academic subjects, and I liked my schedule (which was 4 hours a day for three days a week and then 3 hours for the fourth day) even we had to adjust it once or twice. He taught me all the required sciences, language arts and English, social studies and math. He also taught me life skills, physical and fine arts by taking me on awesome field trips. I still had to pick two other electives, so he showed me a list of what they had available and I took Introduction to world religion and art appreciation. These classes very interesting and amazing. I fully enjoyed my courses with Mr. Price.

Mr. Price always made learning fun. His attitude and personality very caring, patient, understanding and sometimes goofy. You could tell that teaching is his passion. He taught me to go more with my “gut instinct” because many times I was right about an answer. He assigned homework, and I got it done on time (most of the time), and we always reviewed over it carefully. He taught power movies, and field trips. I loved reading “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, and then seeing the movie, and then going on a field trip to Savannah. The one to one instruction I received from Mr. Price was holistic, it was great and I am so glad my parents chose to hire him to be my one and only teacher. He is a great teacher!

After 10 months, I did both my junior and senior year. We kept the portfolio of all my work up to date and organized. He, I, my parents and another certified teacher combed through my and portfolio, I was given a test of adult basic education test, which was added in with the rest of my grades, and I officially graduated high school with a 3.50 GPA! At the end of the evaluation, everyone signed my transcripts, it was sent to the school board, approved and three weeks later, I applied at UNF. I am now a student at UNF and am enjoying every minute of it.

Thank you, so much, Mr. Price. I will never forget you and what you have done for me and making ALL my courses so interesting and fun! I really learned more from you than I did in regular high school or the Florida Virtual School system.”

Lauren Marks

High School Graduate with Honors and National Society of High School Scholars Member


“My Adult Basic Education teacher, Prof. Gammon, has helped me not only prepare for my GED but also with the way I look at the subjects and my future. The courses I am taking are helping me prepare for the GED exam. The subjects Reading and Writing, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Knowing these subjects will help me in the future with getting jobs and going to college. Prof. Gammon has made all of these things seem possible and easy to obtain.

Prof. Gammon has helped me prepare for my GED exam in a couple of ways. We do three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mondays and Wednesdays we start at 9:00 am and end 12:00 pm, but on Fridays we end at 11:00 am instead. We do bookwork, with tests at the end of each chapter, and some homework as well. Prof. Gammon teaches very well and he paces the classes well and makes the subjects fun.

The subjects we are learning are enjoyable and relevant to my life. Language Arts Reading has been because we’ve been going over things Poetry and different kinds of fiction. In we’ve learned how to write an essay. Science has been because we’ve learned about things biology, plant science, and chemistry. Math decimals, fractions, ratio and proportions, and word problems. Social Studies is all about governments and how the economy works.

I think learning about these subjects will help me in the future. For instance, in Social Studies I learned how to fill out a tax form which I will have to do in the future. Also, with a GED I will be able to get a better job and go to college. Preparing for my GED exam has really taught me a lot about myself and what I am capable of achieving. I owe all of this to Prof. Gammon and all of the wonderful help she has provided.

I feel I have come a long way since I started my preparation for the GED exam. Thanks to Prof. gammon I now have a different outlook on education and how the subjects can apply to adult life. This has been an experience for me and has changed the way I feel about myself and learning. I am very thankful to Prof. Gammon and all the things she has taught me.”

-Zack Harrison

Adult Education/GED Graduate

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